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Originally Posted by eakins View Post
He wrote me & was upset him with my comment about his hybrid skid plate and jabbing at him. I apologized to him.

In his PM to me he said he was "outta here" which i figured he referring to him being upset with my comment. Didn't realize he was outta here with all his TR info and especially deleting it on his website.

Either others have messed with him too or something else is going on.
My comment alone can't be the cause of all of that?

Wow, that's too bad... He must have really thin skin to behave like that over a little jabbing here and there. I mean it's not like he's some wizard or something. He's just another motorcycle enthusiast with a shop and some fab skills to go along with his creative impulses.

I enjoyed his various contributions over the years, though. I read his CBR report and promptly went out and bought a WRR for myself. I modded it to my tastes and then rode the CDR. What a blast! Then I left it in Phoenix and rode some of his GWT path. I even scouted some new sections. So I guess I owe a lot of my recent motorcycle explorations to Mark's contributions on this forum.

Well, you can't worry about inmates taking unusual offense to a few jabs or challenges. If you set yourself up as some sort of authority figure, a few people are going to take their shots. It's part of the fun. He did a real good job of assessing the new Husky, though.
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