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Yea, don't mess with bill about his speed. As I was laying there sort of going in and out of semi consciousness, I heard Bill say he thought it was his fault. After I got to the hospital and they stabilized the pain so I could think clearly, I made a point to call him and let him know I did't blame him. That would be a terrible thing to have on one's conscience. I took that turn at my own pace, and what I thought was an overly safe pace. As I stated in the story above, I'm not entirely sure what went wrong. Just an unlucky bad bounce I guess.

I just got back from my 2 week follow up with my surgeon. He says everything is healing great, even though my foot looks like something from a horror movie. I call it "The Franken-Foot". I'll try in the next day or so to get xrays and pics posted. Doc expecting almost full recovery. Says that ankle will always be a bit stiff since it was utterly destroyed,(always a good thing to hear from your Doc) but eventually I'll be able to walk and function just fine. He did warn me not to ever try running a marathon, but I don't think I was in any danger of that anyway. Fun stuff.
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