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Originally Posted by modeselector View Post
I don't think eakins purposely tried to offend anyone, it's just that these forums have a tendency for all of us to forget there is another person behind a keyboard somewhere. I'm not sure about being thin skinned but maybe more " what's the friggin point?".

It's all about contribution. Good reminder for me to work on my comments to others.

Lets hope BigDog returns - his input on the Terra I found to be very helpful. Off the soapbox...
no Mark and I have traded PMs in the past and sent each other goods (maps from me & dvd from him) we make. I've got nothing but solid respect for the man & his accomplishments. I've had my share of off-the-cuff responses to others that are not in agreement or worded the best, but nobody is perfect.

He's publicly stated he does things more cheaply in solution and so I thought it humorous that he bought that small & expensive Motosportz skid plate plus hacked apart that pricey Husky plate too and created a $400 skid plate solution. This from a guy proud of his other low cost solutions.

I figure he would have taken Motosportz plate to a welder to and add some side wings and send that Husky plate back for credit. It sounds like he got some mad scientist urge in the middle of the night and just started cutting up that Husky plate...and that's why I asked if he was an impatient man. It was not meant as any disrespect and something I would have said face to face with a big smile...but alas words only miss all the non-verbal that needs to happen.

I've gotten PMs from others that they've had similar exchanges with Mark.

It's a public forum and there are always opposite views of your own. Mark is very out spoken on his mods and view points and he has contributed a ton to ADV. It sounds like he finally got to the feed up point of getting feedback (that is not always in agreement) and said fuck it i'm done taking my time and sharing my mods only to be criticized by some.

I do hope he does return and atleast keep the thread updated how his TR is doing.
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