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Originally Posted by catfish View Post
Thanks for the great info Glenn. I want to ride your DS Ptown loop on Friday, the 28th. Let me know if that works for you, as others are asking me about rides & schedules.

I've been through Joshua Tree NP a couple of times before, so its not new for me. Definitely more of an easy big-bike ride. I suspect those smells will be in JV CGs also.

Here is a tentative ride schedule for the beginning of the trip;

Thursday, 27th - Ride east end of JV and explore singletrack into the mountains. Probably 2 short loops that day, north & east of Means Lake.

Friday, 28th - Landers2Ptown DS loop chasing Mojave Mutt?

Saturday, 29th - North & west across JV exploring singletrack along/across mtns. Maybe to Slash-X Cafe & back. Could be long day with gas stop at I-15 sw of barstow.

Sunday, 30th - DS Ride chasing Razr south of JV.

More as we figure out what else to go ride. I'm still evaluating many jv & area tracks on GE looking for singletrack to string together & explore. Any other ride recommendations out there, or just general areas where exploring might be productive? If YOU are planning to join in on the fun, let us know which days you plan to ride.

10 more days before the madness begins!

Catfish ...

I should be able to do the 28th to Ptown no problem. What kind of group size would you think you would have for that day?
Are you still camping at Means?
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