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Tiger 800XC, Tenere or KLR?

Originally Posted by WestVirginia View Post
Greetings Beastie Boys:

Ok, there is snow on the ground here in West Virginia so I'm daydreaming about buying my first bike in 20 years.

Top contenders (this will change every five minutes) are the Tiger 800XC and Tenere.

The best bike is the one will do better what you'll want to do most of the time. Hard off road? Soft off road? Streets? Or highway?

Tenere or Tiger 800XC will take you anywhere. Tiger is faster and its seats height is shorter than Tenere's (it might be a concern if you aren't too tall) and is more expensive. Tenere's minimum ground clearance is bigger than Tiger, but Tiger's suspensions travel are the bigger. Besides, Tiger have upside down front suspension. They have almost the same weight and both are comfortable for crossing the world.

None of the two bikes are difficult to ride, so IMHO Tiger is a better bike and you'll just have to take it easy until you get used to it.

Originally Posted by WestVirginia View Post

The question is, should I (or anyone) buy a new KLR to get back into the scene and learn Motorcycle Maintenance 101 - or jump right into the beastie dream bike?

I guess you should not worry about maintenance if you just don't have a bike. Buy what you need and what you want. By the way, KLR is a damn good bike, but it seems it's not what you are looking for.

I hope I might be helpful.
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