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Botopilas another time

We (Oscar & Lola, Matt W, Matt P, and I) rode out of the Canyon together and stopped at the little convenience store at the intersection. There were a half dozen or more heavily armed men in civilian clothes in front of the store...they spoke to Oscar, asking if he had seen a certain white SUV...they claimed to be Mexican Special Forces. We quickly vacated the premises, heading south on 23...sorry no riding partners forcefully called me back to my bike as I started walking over to purchase a snack...Bimbo makes some great junk food...what can I say, the pull is strong!

Oscar and Lola had a recommendation for lodging (Mario's) in the town of Guachochi, 50 miles down the road. It began to rain and the temperature was dropping. I'm not trying to make anyone feel unprepared but I just dialed up the thermostat on my heated gear and had a toasty ride.

Mario's place had an attached restaurant, so it was convenient to put the bikes in a secured area and be home for the night. Oscar and Lola are a fascinating couple. Travel stories and their philosophy on life were shared in was a festive time!

Our room was a dump though. It poured heavily through the night and most of it came through our bed had to be moved...and the tile floor was a pool by morning. Thankfully our bags are waterproof, or it would have been a bigger mess.
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