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Stalling / Lean Running / Stumbling Resolved - no Booster Plug

I had one of the first Strada's to arrive here in the US, picked it up October 26th. It ran like crap. Stalled with just throttle input, hesitated below 4k with any sort of roll on. A huge disappointment.

The good news is it's all better now. Dealer took a while to get their diagnostic computer in and running, but finally were able to get it working and fix my bike. They were a bit vague, but apparently running resetting the EFI system and running a test sequence on the idle actuator? made it run a lot better. I put 75 miles on it on the way home and it's dramatically better. No stalls, not stutter, stumble, does not feel lean. I ran it down to 2k rpm in 5th, then just rolled on from there. If careful I can now just ease the clutch out at idle in 1st and get rolling without any throttle.

I was planning on the booster plug solution when I got the bike back, but there's no need. It's just fine bone stock after the reprogramming.

I highly recommend folks get their dealer involved if there bike isn't running right. See
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