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Well, I have been initiated into oil change insanity on this bike as well. I have the '11 TE310 and I just stripped the crap out of (what would be) the drain bolt. Apparently that thing cements itself in there after it heats up and cools down enough times. Strange, but that's the explanation I got. It popped right off the first couple times. Now I have to order the part from Husky if there isn't another way in I'm not aware of.

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Next the manual says to be sure you clean the screen behind the hose barb. Well thirty minutes later I could not find a damn screen anywhere. I don't think it exist.
Someone came by the shop and told me the 'screen' is on the shifter side and that there's actually a drain plug over there somewhere!!! I'm convinced he's talking about another model year or else I'm about to make a great discovery for all of us, haha. Nothing about it on cafehusky. Again...
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