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Miss O's Version of the last few days

I'm so glad that Nivs has posted his view on the last few days! Now it's my turn, although you can see that we're a few days behind. We're all three finding that the days go by amazing fast -- all of the sudden it's 8 p.m and we have to find a place to stay. Once we do, and get dinner, it's tough to want to find the time to sit down with a computer and the internet...if we have internet at all.

The same goes for posting pictures. We will get around to it but it's not our first priority right now, as you can imagine. We are trying to remember to at least blog every night or two so that when we do have Wi-Fi we have something accurate to post rather than a hodge-podge of memories. Pictures may have to come later but we are taking lots and keeping them backedup and organized.

Ok, here's my log of the last few days;


Woke up in Pelluhue, stopped for lunch in Buchupureo, slept in Tale'

So I was the first to crash and I was super upset about it. Not because I was hurt (just a bruise on my hand and my ego) but because I dropped my bike, scratched my windshield and bent the frame to my panniers and messed up the alignment of the handlbars to the forks. Also, it just sucks that the girl has to crash first. AAH! Oh well. Such is life. Lucky for me Nivs and Poodle are very sweet and making sure I don't feel too badly about it -- but I do anyway. (I think it's already been said, but Poodle is my husband and I really want this trip to be his dream trip and I don't want to be the one who keeps it from being awesome!) Enough of that. Here's what happened.

I was riding along happy as could be on a dirt road. The scenery was beautiful. The ride was fun. But then the road quickly turned to loose gravel and the road got all soft and squishy. Down I went. It scared the bajeebies out of me but I guess it's not a bad thing because I wasn't hurt, I'll be more on the lookout for such changes in the road (And Nivs and Poodle are certain to radio back to me when they cross it as well.) and the bike is already put back together again -- except for the scratched windsheild.

Earlier in the day was super fun though. We left our camp site in Pelluhue and stayed on the coast. We road on pavement for about 15 miles and then it turned to a great dirt road for 10 miles. We wound around on these great roads along the coast and stopped in Buchupureo for a late lunch.

While eating lunch we started chatting with a couple the next table over. Her name was Ayya and she's from Bulgaria. His name was Leonard and he's from Germany. They are Univeristy students heading out to live with the Mapuche people for the next 6 months while they work on an Ethnography of the mapuche culture. They were really interesting to talk to and it was nice for Jeff and Neil to have a conversation in English with someone other than each other.

After we left Buchupureo we had some nice dirt roads for a while and utterly beautiful scenery-- but then we hit that gravel road and I crashed. You already know that story. From there we decided to find the next closest town where we might be lucky enough to get a hotel room and a shower. We road for another 20 miles or so and stopped in Tome' where we found a hotel room for around $50 right on the beach.

We decided to stay for two nights.

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