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Polaris may have a reliable design with the Victory, as do most Japanese bikes. Sadly they have decided to take the Japanese route of planned obsolescence, and the need to buy a new bike every few years, rather than supplying replacement parts. My favorite Victory was the original V92C. It had a great look, and only needed a few minor mechanical refinements. Then they turned and went down the wrong road completely when they hired the Ness clan and came out with the Vegas, one of the ugliest and most impractical bikes I've ever seen, dropped the V92C, and based all their bikes on the Vegas. A V92C shows up on Craigslist once in a while, but I would not consider buying one, because Victory no longer makes parts for them, and unlike that "other" American v-twin, they have no aftermarket. If they did, you could buy aftermarket levers and fenders and most everything else for them at a fraction of oem cost. You can go out right now, buy yourself a Harley, new, used, or vintage, and have no doubts that plenty of parts will be available for it for the rest of your life.
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