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Originally Posted by grndzr0 View Post
So, thanks for the write up, I used it this weekend, but had some questions for all you veteran riders out there.

First off, this was about the 4th fork seal job I have ever done, and it was much easier than any other bike I have ever done.

The culprit:

The issue:

This is on the leg that was leaking. I cannot feel anything, no change in resistance, no edges, uneven surfaces, nothing.

It looks like the chrome is rubbed off.

Something I should be worried about?

Bike has about 21,500 miles on it. The leg was only leaking for about 200 miles and for about a week. It still had lots of oil In it, and it was still producing oil while riding around and sitting, so it wasn't dry.

By the way, I used the 45mm Marzocchi Kit from and it fit like a charm. Exact same size seals as the stock ones.

Its hard to tell in these pictures if the chrome is worn, or if the seal has run dry and burned itself onto the chrome. Any chance you can supply a few more pictures in sunlight?
If the chrome is peeling it can be due to a few things, either the lower bushing is shot and it has metal to metal contact when the forks are compressed or due to road grime (corrosive) like road salt etc. that happened to sit for a while after drying.
If the chrome is worn, the seals will not last more than a few thousand miles if even that.

I have a set of "DLC" coated lowers in stock I can get rid, PM me for more details....
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