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Mildly disapointed. Havn't had a chance to look at the bike for a few days now, busy at work. Just had a quick 1/2 hr on it tonite, and noticed the kit is incomplete. The 12" black 16 guage wire used to connect the black portion of the now vacant black/blue plugin,,,,,,to, the male blade of the now vacant starter relay,,,,,is not in the kit. I rummaged through my tool box to see if I had some new 16 guage wire hanging around. Nothing. So after work tommorow, I'll stop by the auto parts place to get a chunk of this stuff. I'm going by the recomendations in this kit to use new wire only.
Everything is looking good. Regulator/recitifier bolted on, rotor/stator all torqued on, most wires routed. Still wondering what would be the best, most solid switched 12v source off of this bike? The instructions in this kit 'sort' of say for 1970-1984 BMW's, that the power off the coils is the best switched 12v source. My '91 GS coil looks absolutely nothing like the old school coils in the pics the kit supplied. There is no access to a power terminal on my coil. There is a big warning note in the instructions stating that this source MUST be a solid 12v or this will cause unwanted high voltage from the regulator. Anybody have any thoughts on another really good switched power source that does not require major surgery to the stock harness?

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