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Originally Posted by Eaglebeak View Post
Only Postal Delivery officers have this exemption.

Anyone else (example, private junk mail delivery people) caught doing it should be charged. Of course they never are !
OK, here's the go.

Engine capacity must be 125cc or less. Only Australia Post employees and (recently) non Aus Post contracted leaflet/junkmail deliverers are permitted to ride on the footpath but only when in the act of delivering mail (or leaflets etc.).
Speed limit is 10kph.

And, Yes, the footpath is a FUCKING dangerous place to be riding a motorbike with reversing cars being the biggest issue but also kids running/riding out from behind hedges/fences, Telstra pits or water meter boxes with the lids not on properly, deep holes where the grass has been mown level with the surrounding lawn, ropes/wires strung across the footpath to stop you riding on the perfectly fine lawn by cockheads who don't understand it's illegal for them to do so and that, because of where they hid it, you can't possibly reach their mailbox without riding on the lawn or into the metre-plus wide garden bed they've decided to build in front of said mailbox, and of course there's the national obsession with planting anything with inch long thorns right near the mailbox with branches hanging out at perfect face/neck height to make it really easy to do your job. Aus Post has decided to get into the spirit of it all too, by fitting a flag to your bike which smacks you square in the back of the head every time you go under a low branch.

And I haven't even started on the spiders/wasps/magpies/snakes/dogs etc.....


Rant over
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