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Well you sound like a similiar story as myself, I'm primarily road raced and had only done a 5 day tour before deciding to do the rally last year. I did have a lot of dirt experience dirt riding, just no desert racing experience. I do agree that Baja is a lot different and shouldn't be taken lightly but the rally is a ton of fun and not a lot of pressure to push beyond your limits. I was also torn on running solo or going with a teammate. My decision was run with the teammate and that's what I would recommend for your first visit to BAJA. I had also never done any rally navigation and ended up just entering a local enduro event before going out to get a little better feel of reading a roadbook and watching the odometer etc.

If you do decide to run the event just be realistic about your expectations and you never know how things will end up.

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But I've never done any off road racing, and I think it may be a bit arrogant to just show up for this four day event and expect to finish. I've done some road racing, and I know may way around baja a bit, I've ridden about 20 days of dirt down there in the last few years , and have spent an equal amount of time on the pavement on my GS. I'll be riding a DRZ400, she's my Baja bike, I live in Chicago, but the bike lives in San Diego, she's a solid machine, very well maintained, I know her well and am very comfortable traveling on her. I'm not fast in the dirt by any means, but I can get through most terrain and keep up a decent pace. I'm in good shape and can ride long days. I have never used a rally book or computer before, so there will certainly be a learning curve with that. I have the option of doing solo, or teaming up with a friend. Any opinion on which would be better. Either way we'd both be on DRZ's, we have tons of spares, including the ability to bring a spare bike.

I'm torn between coming out to watch the prep the day before the race, scope it out, maybe head to bay of la for the 1st night, then head back to san diego or just throwing my hat into the ring and entering. If I race, do I solo or with a team mate sharing a bike?

Any advice would be appreciated.
Thanks for the support.
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