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Hey Arnie I think I'll make this. My in-laws are driving in from Salt Lake that day, so maybe I'll turn this into a weekend trip and stay away from the house

You know Mason Valley is locked right? Rodriguez, across from the Banner store, is open, but the gate to Mason Valley off Hwy 79 is locked. I was there last night and checked. Unless you know a way around.....

edit: nevermind, just checked the dualsports map and you're hitting Rodriguez, not Mason Valley. Man, I wish they'd open Mason Valley - a way to jump from hwy 79 straight down to S2 by Butterfield would be awesome. That Rodriguez is a great road by the way, drove it in a truck yesterday. The sign says it's closed for fire recovery, but there's no sign of fire damage anywhere around there. I think it's just one of those things that got lost in a haze of laziness and bureaucracy and now it'll never re-open because no one cares enough to fix it. Gov't workers...
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