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Anti Hero, This is my first post too, joined this site just for you! lol. AMAZING ride report by the way, Me and about 6 other people i work with have been following you via this website for 4 or 5 months now! never a dull moment!

And i have to say it, you inspired me to do the same as you. I'm in the navy currently on my 4th deployment, Once i get back state side I start the process of getting out, I'm going to have 2 months of paid vacation and then a few more months until i start college.

My plan right now is for a good friend of mine who is EX navy and myself to head north till we hit Canada, Turn left, head west until we see water, turn left, head south until Mexico, turn left, head east until water and head north again to end up back in VA. Then pack up my things, propose to my girl and head back home to Ohio. All on a couple of sporty's lol.

Anyways Wanted to say thanks for the inpiration and a great RR that kept a bunch of people entertained for months on end!
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