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Enduralast wire connections.

I've had the enduralast system on my '89 R100GS for many years now. I got it right after it was first introduced. I used the coil power connection at first until one day I noticed my voltmeter was reading high at 16 volts. It had always been a steady 14.5 volts until then. I cleaned up the connection to the coil and decided to make a more reliable low resistance voltage sensing point. I added a automotive relay that is switched by the ignition switch and feeds full battery voltage through the relay's 30 amp rated contacts. This isolated regulator voltage sensing path insures that the enduralast system regulator sees the correct battery voltage and therefore maintains the bikes battery at the 14.5 Volt output throughout all speeds and loads.. This relay setup has lasted many years and is easily tested and has provided many miles of troublefree riding.
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