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Originally Posted by macorell24 View Post
Sweet pics Jax! What sort of point-n-shoot are you using?
Here you go Sir.
Copied from the first post:
I've had a number of inquires about my gear, bike, cameras, gps farkles etc... so I'm going to update this first post with all that stuff. I'll be finished editing in a few days.

Over the years i have had a mess of cameras, and I am tough on cameras.... They often commit suicide rather than be abused by me ever again.
I have used several Canon slrs and pas(point and shoot) cameras. Currently I use a Canon (sx230hs) pas. It has been a good camera and lasted longer than any other Canon pas, although there are times when it fails completely to take pictures. It has a problem with the plastic lens door opening all the way, and it no longer will zoom, which SUX because the 14X optical zoom was a selling point.
I also have a Nikon coolpix s3100 pas that has outlasted ANY pas camera that I have owned. I've had that for 18 months!!!! It doesn't function properly either... I broke the LCD a few days after i got it so I can't change the settings or preview a shot...... I am lucky as shizzle that the setting it was on when I busted the lcd is a good sorta universal auto setting. For the CDR ride I took JaxWifes S3100 which functions perfectly (because she is not tough on stuff) .
I use her Nikon D40x when i get a chance, it's a wonderful camera, but I'm afraid I would ruin an slr within 30 seconds of owning one.
Cameras past, mostly Canon pas, but I've had a few others. Olympus, Kodak, Sony ... all dead or living with a nice person who found them after they fell off my bike (never to be found by me)

Originally Posted by Cuttle View Post

his pics are great... makes me almost consider carrying a dslr on the bike
He (DesertDave) not only uses a nice camera/lens, he knows how to use it and process the images later. ALL my photos to date are on one automatic setting or another. I have put my camera on manual by mistake a coupla times, taking photos that I would never be able to recreate!!! It's not easy being mediocre!!! LOL
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Jax mediocre photo thread
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