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On The Road?

I can only hope. I am now on my sixth week here because the shop I gave my bike to a good five weeks ago has the forks apart and is still waiting for parts. I suppose it's partially my fault with telling them I was hanging in for a month and go ahead and do all the warranty shit and, with going back and forth with Customer Care just to be finally refused on replacing the warped rotors. But really! Weeks ago I was told the fork parts were coming in and as of last Friday I was told they would be here today. Talk about being held hostage! Haven't even been able to get the bike because the forks are lying apart. As for the exhaust leaks and near stalling problem? Not much feedback on that. Can only hope hat will be fixed. So, I sit and wait for a phone call or text hoping only that this fiasco ends this week. My plans to meet my friend Peter in Arizona for Christmas look like they won't happen and if I do get the bike back, I will prolly have to forgo the coastal route to Corpus Christie just to get to Arizona before the new year. I mean, it's not a bad place to be holed up. And, if I decided to hang for another month my new Crisstian friend Bill

says I could get a decent enough efficiency apt at the Christian Retreat next door for $450, which is half of what I am paying here.
I have been learning tho. There is no way I am riding into any of the thunderstorms we've had lately. Being a northern boy i haven't had the opportunity of observing some of these tropical deluges and am learning to track them with the animated doppler maps on the pooter. The only good thing is they seem to come and go quickly within a few hours but if I got caught in one while riding I would prolly be washed right off the road. Here's a pic of what comes out of the west and a quick vid out of my door.

If you click the rain pic, it comes alive.
The pisser is I have missed my window of opportunity. I am looking way out there at "Draco" (Where the Hell do they get these names?) Looks like it is going to be pushing for the weekend. Right now it is a beautiful sunny day here and will prolly get up to about 75.
So, I continue to enjoy the wildlife. Everything from wierd snails,
monster flocks of Pelicans ( I love these birds as they are not part of our lives up in the PNW)

Ospreys (a type of which I had never seen live)
and all the things I have not been able to catch with my shitty camera and Iphone. Like Dolphins and even a shark.
Strange bugs

And the sunsets are still kicking ass.

And as I type Danny has texted me saying as soon as the parts show today he will text me. So, once again, fingers crossed.
I once was lost but now I' wait, I'm still lost.

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