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Originally Posted by worthydog View Post
I am going on a trip through the Patagonias to Tierra Del Fuego (50% dirt) and I need some waterproof gloves. We will have long periods at high speed on highway and lots of slower gravel roads. I expect temps in the 30's in the mornings. I am looking at the Bastion, Fusion and Alaska gloves. Can you rank them (in order) for:

Most comfortable?
Best feel for controls?
best for gauntlet in and out of jacket? (Cayenne)
best with grip warmers?
best protection?

Thanks for your input. You guys run a solid outfit
Hey Worthydog,

All 3 of those REV'IT! GTX gloves are great options. Here are my replies to your features: Warmest: Bastion or Alaska. Most Comfortable: Fusion. Grip feel: Fusion. Cuff adjustability: Bastion. Best with heated grips: Fusion. Best Protection: Alaska. As you can see, the responses are quite varied. I suggest looking at what features are most important and make the decision accordingly. If I had to pick only one, I would vote for the Alaska, as it offers the best protection and I prefer leather gloves and hard knuckles, but that is my personal preference. The new Fusion gloves are very comfortable and will save you a few dollars too.
If you still need help selecting the right gloves, our team of Gear Geeks are here to help.
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