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I believe that article to be true. No single factor makes something work or not work.
I do know that when Honda tried the 23" front back in the late 70s early 80s that was the issue, very HEAVY steering feel. An example of too much of a good thing. This I believe is also the reason why a street bike with a 21", like a DS bike has a heavier turn in feel and usually requires a bit more counter steer input to make it turn. Not that it handles much worse per say, just more steering input.

The diameter of a wheel also effects turn in I think effects it in more than one way. A wheel being round that is smaller in diameter will turn a tighter radius with the same input. That is just my feelings, no scienece behind it that I have, just my own experiences. If you drop a washer and it lands on its edge but leaning on an angle it will roll in a pretty small circle, if you MC wheel on its edge {tire} at about the same angle the circle it will roll is much larger. Add gyro effect and you have a genuine formula for how a bike might handle with a 17", 19", 21" front wheel.
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