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Bluhduh My 800 Allllllmost Starts

My 800 has been starting a little slower lately, so I thought the battery might be getting weak. Load tested it at 13 volts. This morning I cranked it over and it burbled like it wanted to run, but wouldn't catch. Battery was happy to do a lot of cranking, but no go. It's low on gas, but I've run it down to 9 miles remaining before and it says 21 right now. I dumped in a liter that I carry as a spare sometimes. No joy.

I run Chevron gas about half the time, dump in some Techron if I haven't been. Also dump in some SeaFoam if it's going to sit a while. It did sit a couple weeks, but I've ridden close to 200 miles since them.

I'm going to tap the injectors, then try the battery charger trick when I get home.

Any other ideas ?
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