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Cool story. I'm glad you remembered the fuel petcock. I can't tell you how many times I've had to reach down while riding to switch it over.

My first was a basket case, literally. It came in three milk crates, and we had no real idea what was missing. It was an 80's Kawasaki KX-80, my brother and I bought it for $20, and hauled in home in the trunk of Mom's Oldsmobile Omega. We laid it all out in the back yard, and began to assemble it. Other than the small engine class I was taking at high school, we had no idea what we were doing. We figured it couldn't be too much different than our bicycles, right? It turned out it wasn't missing all that much. We had to buy 2 new inner tubes, a gasket set for the top end, reed valve, and a Weisco piston/ring set. I took the jug to school, and honed out the cylinder rust. After about 2 weeks, it coughed and sputtered to life. We took turns riding the bike all over town, being careful to use bicycle trails to avoid getting caught. About five miles from our house, there was an abandoned housing development. They had done the earth work for some railroad crossings, so we had some pretty big jumps to play on. I caught more air on the little 80 than any other bike I have ever owned (about 6 feet ), yet never bottomed the suspension. It turned out to be a great intro to off road riding. I got busy with a job, and my brother sold the bike, but I didn't care. I was hooked!
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