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D and D to Yuscarn

So I was sitting at D and D brewery and Hotel near Lake Yojoa trying to get a signal on my spot and in rolls the 2 canadian guys on DR650s that I meet briefly the night before in Copan. They unload and we have dinner. The funny part is that in our brief conversation the previous night neither I or them had planned to end up at D and D. Over dinner we decide to ride together tomorrow and head for Yuscarn.

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The Canadians


We pulled into the very small town and expected just a sleepy little mountain town. It was not! It was Saturday and some festival was going on with people everywhere! We has to drive right through the center of the action to get to the hotel. Our room was huge and had 3 beds. The hotel was a really nice cool place. We took a tour of the master room upstairs too.

Our room

Very nice upstairs

It is for sale if any one is looking for a hotel in Honduras.

We dropped our gear and went off to join the party. Lots of food stands, kids running around and big fire works from a guy that should not be allowed to have matches!


There was also a lamp post with a bad ground. It was hours of entertainment for the kids and they showed us the game too. Hold on to each other and the post and metal fence and first person to break the chain because of the shock is the loser. The entire scene was an experience! I have some video that is not great but hilarious to me since I was there. We all had a great time and tried to go to sleep at a reasonable time to ride some dirt tomorrow but the town kept the music cranked until 4am. Central America likes stuff loud!!!!

Some dirt riding tomorrow and crossing into Nica!!
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