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Look, guys, I wasn't claiming that everyone can be in the NBA just because they wish it so, nor was I claiming that anyone can be the next Einstein. My point (before it gets lost completely) is that we are all more powerful than we think we are and the world is far less powerful than we think it is. Test it out. I do, everyday and it's worked out quite well for me. None of my own personal achievements (including this trip) would have been possible without a, 'fuck it--I'll see if it's possible before saying it ain't' attitude.

Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go. (Eliot)

If this is such a horrible personal philosophy, I am not quite sure what to say.
Advance apologies for posting this 40 pages in....

I've been lurking - what a fantastic ride report!! Thanks!! You are making a difference to everyone reading this. You're giving us things doing what you love. And that's not a coincidence.

The issue with excuses is that people are not aware of them - the mind is really good into fooling itself. If you say to somebody head-on "you're making excuses" - well, expect an outpouring of excuses. As. Seen. Above. Expect all those "...but...." sentences to come out, even on this website. It's normal. It's to be expected. And it's just excuses.

Not making excuses, one has to be aware of one's own excuses first. I am certainly no superstar - but at least I am aware of my excuses. I am aware they're just stories I tell myself. And every time I become aware of a new story, every time I discover one, I go "ohh.. there's another one". And it's a huge A-Ha moment every time. It's thrilling.

At the same time, there's another confusion, which is about the goal of it all. What is the goal? Is it s trophy wife, a GT3, a Panigale super-extra edition? A huge house? 50 houses? A yacht, or 50? Wealthiest guy in the graveyard? Happiness?

Your idealized character Mr J is likely an exception; I've met people like that. And in my opinion the only thing that sets them apart from the others is not making those excuses. What sets them apart is not smarts, brawn, brains, birthright, upbringing. It's not making excuses. That's it. That's good news because you can do that, too. Even if you're not yet.

Everyone's obsessed with money - even ostensibly rich people think they don't have enough. Like the "poor" millionaires in the affluent areas of silicon valley - sure they might have 10 mill in the bank, but all their neighbors are billionaires. So they feel poor. Those who are aware that they have enough realize that, whoops, that wasn't it. But those on the other side of the fence think it solves all problems - a classic grass is greener scenario. All wealthy people will tell you otherwise - but you won't listen, until you see for yourself. That day may never arrive.

For myself I have come to the conclusion that if $100M appeared overnight in my bank account nothing would change in my life. Actually, and here's the relevance to this thread, the only difference it would make is vehicles. I'd drive a Porsche and have a stable of Ducatis. So now I can make educated decisions about what I am willing to sacrifice for money - I can make trade-offs. 10 years all work no play for better vehicles with nothing else changing - definitely not worth it. 1 year - nope. 1 day - maybe? Then again, each day is valuable.

On the other side of money is what would you do if you didn't need it. That's what you should do; now.

Hard work is an illusion. An 80 hour week doing what you love is not hard work. 1 hour doing what you don't want to is.
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