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Originally Posted by theGrinch View Post
I have a Montana and both the 60 and 478GPS.

478 is the best IMO, use the 60 for tracking my route (stuffed in the camel back) and the 478 on the bars.
The montana has been on the nightstand for a year, I don't like the touchscreen. It does weird things on the bike.


Living up to your screen name you probably haven't even bought the City Navigator map or mount for the Montana you won in DV and got for free.
Hard to form a solid opinion with no maps and when it's in the plastic map sleeve of your tank bag...

You guys have fun trying to bring back 10 year old GPS tech. I trust my life on my solo rides to the Montana regularly, and while I did have to exchange my first generation Montana, it's been many miles, many tracks, and lots of good ADV'ing with my rock solid second generation Montana. Not one problem on my Baja 1000 solo pre-run ride, or TAT ride, or anywhere else with this GPS. I trust mine.

I've had a 276 and 478, and Zumo, and Oregon, and Streetpilot, etc.
Loved my 478, best GPS ever for ADV riding with tracks, until the Montana.

10,000 active track point limit, with no limit on tracks stored in the unit. No more truncating, no more limits on track lengths, need more space? goto to CVS and buy a micro SD... Having satellite imagery that shows all those cows trails that aren't on any map, or place to camp off the trail... etc, etc, etc.
The Montana IS the new 478, with all the modern benefits. Don't believe the hype that it's not ready for mainstream, let your chart plotters go and join the rest of us in the year 2012.
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