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Originally Posted by Spud Rider View Post
Thank you, PD. Indeed, ATK Thiokol has manufactured many solid propellant rockets for the military, including the legendary, Minuteman ICBM missile.

Yep, that's part of the story.

I know an aeronautical engineer (officer in USAF at Hill AFB at the time) who was responsible for testing the solid fuel sections being manufactured by MT. They would take them out onto the salt flats for test fires. I kid you not: He says that when they failed to fire, somebody would try to light them with burning newspaper.... Remember, this was the 1960s.

He said that the roar of the engines was so loud that you couldn't have a conversation at 100 yards.

The weather was perfect for the Skyline ride. Very well done, as usual. Boy, you really get around.
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