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2012-12-06 Plenty-Spurs-Powerlines... Part 2

60km to 190km on the route was just poking around logging spur roads.. I only stopped a handful of times on this ride so I don't have many photos:

Most the roads up here were good fast gravel:

There was a surprising number of new roads around the place:

Over to the next hill, much the same:

A lot of the new roads were made from course crushed rock, not bad to ride on, but the front tyre flicked a lot of big chunks up into the bash-plate:

Before this ride I replaced the rear brake pads, the new ones are very grabby, it doesn't take much pressure to lock the rear wheel, it makes emergency braking almost impossible... as I discovered... Coming back down out of this area I went a bit fast into a downhill corner, it was covered in loose gravel, I jumped on the brakes, locked the rear, released it and jumped on it again just as hard stalled the engine, and gave myself a bit of a scare...

1 min video of how NOT to do an emergency stop:

(the other tyre tracks are mine from earlier in the day, I went poking around the side track)

It doesn't look too dramatic on the video, but it was for me at the time It was the first scare I've had since I got back on the road last year, about 15,000km ago...

to be Continued... .. .
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