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OK, so as I was saying...

I headed directly east and just slightly south of Woodburn and was just enjoying the heck out of everything. I didn't have far to go to visit my buddy, where I was planning on staying for the night, so I took as long as possible to go the 50 miles needed, and managed to stretch it out for about 3+ hours.

Here's the XT on the corner of highways 211 and 213, known on the map as where the Woodburn-Estacada Hwy. and the Cascade Hwy. meet at "The Big Burger Drive-Inn." Mmm burgers...

Hope no one's getting tired of looking at the XT, because upon post-trip reflection, it seems to have snuck it's way into about 85% of my photos.

Cruising along 211 through Molalla, I explored a few side roads and made a big loop around and out of Colton, going down a rural road many miles until reaching the gated and barb-wired topped compound where my buddy (who will be known as "Treepaint" to protect his identity) works, and where I'd be staying the night...

No pictures of the compound itself, but immediately after going inside the gates, I parked, had a few folks came out of one of the buildings and wonder why the hell I was there, and after a brief explanation, smiles and laughs went around. I was told to wait for my buddy to come back (he was out on "patrol" as we'll call it).

Treepaint showed up and was in good spirits as always...

Of course, I wanted to see what this place was about, and without even asking, Treepaint took me on the grand tour after approval from the boss. So, we hopped in a Kawasaki Mule 4x4 and man, was it beautiful:

They even had a heard of Longhorns:

I have a video of us bombing around in the mule, but unfortunately, I can't get it to embed right:

After a fun and kidney jarring ride around the compound, we were starting to get a little hungry, so Treepaint suggested we backtrack to Colton and go to El Charrito. It was pretty hot out, so of course we had a few brewskis. I was expecting a luke-warm bottle of beer (fine by me! ) but instead got an icy mug shaped like a boot to go with my Modelo Especial; AWESOME!!!

Drinking out of an ice-cold boot makes the beer taste that much better!

Then the food came, and it was amazing. I had a couple of chili Colorado burritos, and man, did they hit the spot!

I can definitely recommend this place. The service was spot on, the food was delicious and everyone was friendly.

After a few hours of shooting the breeze and another beer, we decided to hit up a movie, and went back into Woodburn to see "The Dark Night Rises." I thought it was pretty good, but then again, show me some explosions and techy gadgets, and usually, I'm sold:

Got back after dark, and as it was a Monday night, my buddy sacked out early and I used one of the spare rooms in the compound:

As you can see, my plans of camping the entire trip weren't working out too well...

I woke up the next morning at 8, with the sun well up, grabbed a quick shower and hit the road. I was on my way to Sandy, and was having a blast, until the hunger monster struck again. I had just pulled into Estacada, but all I could see from the road was a Subway. I passed it up, and then decided to turn around, taking a side street a few blocks in. That's when I came upon this place:

Uh, yeah, decision made!

Here's the mural that was on the back of their building. As another inmate commented on the "Murals" thread: "It's Zippy and the Pinheads!"

I ordered up their breakfast special, and was ready to thoroughly abuse their coffee refill policy, and the lovely waitress was happy to oblige:

Scrambled eggs, seasoned home fries and biscuits and gravy (along with 4 cups of coffee) hit the spot, and I was on my way. With Estacada behind me, I rode up through Eagle Creek, Sandy and onto highway 26 until I hit the ZigZag ranger station:

I grabbed a map, and after asking a few questions, decided that getting off the highway sounded like a great idea, and headed up Lolo Pass.

On my way up, I spied this car:

Now, as an avid fan off all things with kingpins and trunnions, I definitely know what this is... Bragging rights to whoever tells me what year, make and model! Also, I'll buy you a beer if we cross paths!

Alright, well that's all for tonight. For tomorrow, Lolo Pass!

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