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2012-12-06 Plenty-Spurs-Powerlines... Part 3

I made my way back down to the logging haul road, it's like a gravel hwy, hard packed with not much loose gravel:

Amazing how well the D606 tyres hang on:

With a few detours, to explore some other spurs, I made my way around to the power lines behind Moogara... These 220,000 volt power lines carry the power from Gordon Dam (as seen earlier in this thread), to Hobart, about 100km... They basically run in a straight line with just a couple of slight turns.... A lot of the way along there's a service track so the poles and lines can be checked and maintained, where the ground's too mountainous there's at minimum a grotty track to each pole.... I rode along a short part of the lines a while back, and as an excuse to get out riding, I've planned to explore as many of the tracks as I can...

I got onto the power line service track at around 196km on the route, it was good fun, some parts were just dirt, some were fist sized stones, some course crushed rock... I only went a couple of KM and my fun was ruined by a gate (at 198km)... So typical!

Not to be beaten I backtracked and went around some forestry roads to get back onto the lines... (at around 205km on the route)...

The view back towards Hobart: (it doesn't look to special in the screen shots, but it's actually quite stunning)

I started heading along the lines, away from Hobart, but the track was a mess, and soon vanished:

I made my way around on another track which ended up running along the lines for a couple of K's:

The last part of the track was quite steep as it descended down to the last pole on the edge of a steep valley...

9 min video to the end of the lines: (as far as I could go along this section)

Nice spot

Back up the hill where I came from:

A waratah: ( )

There's no tracks going down into the valley, but there's tracks over the other side: (accessible off Styx Rd) ... At the right you can see the power lines heading over the hills in the distance:

I was a bit worried about the climb back up the hill due to the loose rock, but it turned out to be no issue:

3 min video climbing my way back out:

The camera makes everything look flat, it was fairly steep... (at the time I thought it was very steep, but after what I did yesterday, I'll just call it "fairly" steep)

I headed back the way I came, with a couple of short detours, and a trip down to the other side of the gate that blocked my way earlier... Then started heading the other way along the lines towards home..

I cant be bothered grabbing screenshots so you'll have to watch the video if you're interested... The track goes up and down a few hills, some steep, some not too bad, a good fun ride..

7 min video heading towards Moogara:

I stopped and turned back when I got to a fairly steep grassy gully, I couldn't really see the bottom, or the track on the other side, and as it was late in the day I didn't want to risk getting stuck down there... Figured I'd do the next section another day, after checking it out on Google Earth...

Not long after I turned around I noticed there was a bit of a grassy strip of cleared land running out either side of the lines, a fire break I guess, trying to make up my mind if I should check it out or not, I paused too long, stalled, and dropped the bike ... Being on grass, I didn't make much effort to stay on my feet, I just went with it

90 sec video of a VERY noobie drop

So that's it for now... Sorry about the lack of decent photos, I should start carrying my DSLR again, and spend a little more time on pics...

I had a 400ish Km ride yesterday exploring the powerline tracks and others stuff further out towards Lake Pedder.... I'll look at getting some videos edited and uploaded over the next few days, then write it up...

Thanks for reading :)
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