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I would prefer the buttons but that is my personal feeling and not my opinion as an engineer.

APEM buttons are of very good quality and will survive most of the things you will throw at them but when they fail (as with the toggle of course) they do this without any warning.

My concern is that I have not seen a serviceable combo switch. Touratech, F2r, RNS etc ... They are all sealed. That means if I break the toggle I need to change the combo... Not good... It should be done this way and if the toggle is either damaged from an accident or if it fails you can change it with just an allen key ...
The only credit I give to Touratech is that it has a thin profile and you can fit two side by side as Brodovitch did... But then again the reverse button is a pain in the a$$ to use, you have to be a monkey or something...

As far as functionality goes, I prefer the toggle feeling but that is personal....

May be the people who use the combo ones can comment on their survive ability ?
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