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Reviving DR350..... Part interchange

Hi there I am brand new to this forum and just got a 1993 DR350 that I am bringing back from the dead. I would rather have the 650 but I cant complain about the price I got it for. Im pretty handy with mechanics and want to do some serious work to it.
Anyway I would like to get a list going of what parts are interchangeable with later DR models and popular up grades to the DR350.
For example my hubs are 4 bolt disc brake and later models like 97 year have 6 bolt do they have the same axle diameter? so if i wanted to pick up some wheels would they swap? And Suspension upgrades! I noticed this bike wasnt made for a 200lb rider. And another biggy any options about a stator upgrade? has anyone done this with a 350? Thanks guys
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