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I'm not sure if I'm posting this request for feed back in the best spot, as any help will be appreciated. I have an '09 DR 650. It began acting up about a week ago...all of the issues I'm about to list happened inconsistently...hard starting (needed to hold throttle open to start), would shut off at idle, hesitation at varying RPM's, and finally it wouldn't start at all.
A tech at the Suzuki dealer in Zacatecas took the carburetor apart, inspected and cleaned it. It still didn't start. He installed new plugs (old plugs looked like it was running rich) and checked for spark (good) and it still won't start. Install new gas, same.
The tech also checked the timing and it was correct.
When trying to start it, in order to hear anything encouraging from the engine, the throttle must be open. It tries but won't start.
Question...could it be a faulty CDI, a coil, a bad ground, or something else? Feedback from anyone with DR 650 experience will be appreciated.
Finally, I'd prefer resolve my problem here and to continue my trip, but will ship the bike home if I have no other option.
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