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Originally Posted by Elburrito View Post
that's true, although I owned a ridgeline for 7 years and when I took it into norther quebec it held it's own quiet well. I used it to haul my boat and camper from time to time, but overall it was my cottage truck. I put on 230,000km and had zero issues with that vehicle. I was hoping Honda would have come out with a full size truck like toyota but they never changed, and are still the same vehicle they came out with in 2006.

I ended up buying a new RAM Laramie to replace it and couldn't be happier.

Depending on what you need a vehicle for, the Ridgeline is one solid, extremely dependable vehicle.
As much as I dislike to do it, my truck is getting older and in need of head gaskets... where-as I have a source to possibly pick up a Ridgeline for a low price.

My days of 'hopeful' mudding are probably over ('hopeful' because I never could afford a real mudding truck anyway), but at least the Ridgeline seems to have a long enough bed to pick up one of my stranded motorcycles if need be.
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