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ah crap!

Originally Posted by gunnerbuck View Post
The plug looks like the proper light brown color...

The carbon deposit on the piston top looks pretty light to me though a bit tarry ... How do the deposits look in the valve passageways? Do the valves still sit above the seats or are they more flush with the surface {a bit recessed}?

The leading edge of your decomp pin does look pretty worn... I compared it to one I have sitting here that was so worn that it no longer engaged the cam: Yours looks like it is about 25% better than my completely shot unit... Was it still working? Did it make the klick to set itself when you rolled the engine over? If you plan to do a long trip with the bike then it would be worthwhile to replace the whole cam/decomp unit...
Here's a pic of the head before getting it cleaned:

As for the pin, yup it was still doing it's job. But I'm leaving on very long trip in spring (100k+) so if it shows sign of needing to be replaced then I'll replace it. I only asked the question in the event that the pins always look that way and dont deteriorate past that point: no sense in replace parts just for the fun of it. I wonder if I could spin the pin arround? I could then carry it as a spare. Maybe...
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