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Originally Posted by notmybikemodelname View Post

Glad you like your Montana, but seriously it's just an upgraded hiking and exploring GPS with Google sat imagery. It's lacking the screen size and push button controlling (too many issues with touch screen at high speed). We're not trying to say that the Montana is a bad GPS,, what we're saying is take the best of the 276/376/478 series, which were very high performance, and still are and make them better. Maybe utilize some of the Montana farkles into it as well. A true racer/rallier/dirtbike GPS, must have a large screen, be push button or handlebar remote controlled to be truly effective at high speed in rough terrain. The Montana doesn't cut it for that.
I would like to see somebody use there gps at high speed on rough terrain, any gps. The bike and you are moving around so much that you can't take your hands off the bars let alone really see the screen at high speed. Just my opinion.
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