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Sightseeing in Zacatecas

A view of Zacatecas looking west. This is the first city I've visited so far with an substantial historic district, or "Centro".

I took the cable car to the hilltop overlooking the city. We passed the pictured car on its way down. The views from the car and hilltop are well worth the ride...80 pesos round trip, or $6.20.

This colonnade was on the side of the hilltop chapel. The architecture and buildings in Zacatecas are beautiful.

Another perspective from the hilltop!

The front facade of the Cathedral of the Virgin Mary. They like details, don't they?

The nightlife in Zacatecas is vibrant. People in large numbers are out every night. This pic is of the plaza with stairs across from my hotel, the Hotel Reyna Soledad. The people in the pic are gathered with their children to watch a clown perform.

Here is a Christmas show put on by students from local schools. Hearing familiar Christmas music with Spanish lyrics is very entertaining!

Can you tell they're in Mexico?

The young man at front left (not in the silver suit) is very stop, Broadway!

This beautiful young lady has "performance anxiety" written all over her expressions. She's up next!
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