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MN to Miami

So as I said, I left on the 22nd of October, and hit my first batch of rain, lucky me. My boots are the only waterproof items of clothing I brought. I made it to Caseyville, Illinois that night. I tried reaching out to people on Couchsurfing before I left home but really didn't have much luck--I don't have patience to copy and paste messages to more than 5 people--so I ended up in hotels every night. Next day I stopped at a Harley store I saw on the way and purchased a facemask, as my helmet is faceless. I have come to depend on that facemask in a big way in Patagonia.

2nd night ended up in Macon, Georgia. Another cheap motel--Days Inn? Wanted to hit up a Mexican restaurant nearby but closed at 10 PM??? Micky Dees it is.

Can't believe this worked.

3rd day I was introduced to the Florida Turnpike. Apparently the Sunpass lanes are only for people with Sunpass. Who knew.

I hate tolls, but love citrus...sitting right next to the gas pumps.

I made it to Miami just as the sun was setting. Lots of cars but it was pretty smooth. I never thought I could enjoy riding around major cities, but riding around Miami and going through Atlanta at night was actually a blast. At the hotel, three of my good friends were waiting for me.

I touched base with my customs broker and we made plans to meet the next day for crating the bike. I feel so many different emotions right now...

After dropping off the bike, the only thing to do was get a flight. I'd been eyeing a business class fare that seemed too good to be true, but it would check off a major bullet on my bucket list so I pulled the trigger.

Yeaaaaa booiiiiii!!!!! To get to the business class lounge at Miami airport you have to go through the sliding glass doors and up two escalators, through more sliding glass doors, to a woman who eyes you up and down and is half a second from telling you that this is not a public restroom and you'll have to leave. I showed her my business class ticket and I was in the lap of luxury. I sat near two women who were discussing the most important distinctions among coffee sweeteners. Bloody mary and headphones for me.

On the plane, I had row 1 to myself...this'll never happen again.

After a brief layover in Lima, I arrived in Santiago de Chile around 4 AM local time...
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