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1200GSA brake failure light

I'm pretty conversant with the brake systems on the 1150's and 1200's. done a lot of flushes, pads, yada yada. But right now I'm stumped.

My teenage son took his bike in some mud and got stuck up to the center of the final drive. His light on the dash immediately went on with brakes barely working. When he got it home I did all the normal checks... Fluid level, no interference with the lever or pedal, mud in the front abs ring, calipers, etc and found his rear bulb was out. I know from past experience that can throw off the whole system. I excitedly replaced the bulb but still no dice.

I actually haven't taken it off the lift to run it for the customary 2 feet but the bulb is still solidly lit with no change when applying brakes.

For sure I want to flush the whole system because I know the previous owner never did and who knows about the original owner. In the meantime, anyone have any suggestions?
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