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Originally Posted by BrianF View Post
Well, helluva time to make a first post on ADV but here goes. I wish I had the time read all the ride reports and Baja advice, but I sprung my "Christmas in Baja" idea less than 12 hours ago and would start on Saturday 12/22. Plenty of time to plan (during the workday of course ).

The gist: good things come in threes. As in, new WR250R? (check), new-to-me Ford Ranger? (check), approved vacation days from work while my wife's away with her family? (Big check). So, I have 9 days to wander Baja, or anywhere else I can reach in 1 days' drive. WR is near stock, handguards + skidplate, massive 1.9 gallon tank, what a joke. I have a big gas can (that's what she said).

At the moment I'm planning to drive the truck into Mexico and use it as a mothership. Dirt only, camping the whole time. Biggest problem I see is that I'll be alone. Not loving some of the stuff I read about flying solo there. Doing this on an ass-floss budget, so hotels and other 1%er crap is pretty much out of the question.

Not really looking for advice per se, just opinion on whether this is sensible/possible/suicide. My wife thinks I'm totally nuts (among other things), but what else is knew. Thoughts?
Two ways to be safe camping in Baja:

Camp in one of a thousand campgrounds where you will pay a few bucks for a spot to pitch your tent, and you will have a little peace of mind knowing that others are around. Petty theft is possible, but violence unlikely.

Or...find a place so remote that it's unlikely that anyone will know (or care) that you're there.

Either way, I'd travel with a light load, without expensive electronics etc. Take reasonable precautions, and chances are you'll have a great trip. Good luck to you!
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