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We started Day 8 in Villarica at the Don Juan Hostel. It had been raining pretty well and we were cold. Setting camp sounded lousy. The hostel was excellent. The rooms were clean, warm and dry and under $20 U.S./ single.

We decided to have a down day, which to Poodle and O meant taking the side bags off our bikes and exploring around. We drove to see the huge local volcano, but in the rainy/foggy conditions was less than spectacular. We checked out a volcano/cave tour, but at $30/each decided it was not in the budget. I had lost one of my cold weather gloves, so with frozen hands, decided to separate and try to find some gloves in Punto. Poodle and O decided to ride out to the ski resort on the volcano. Just as I stopped in town, a guy on a mountain bike stopped to check me out.
Him: You ride that all the way down here?
Me: Nah, flew into Santiago.
Him: (disappointed) Still some nice riding around here. I rode a DR650 from here to Canada.
Me: (impressed) Nice, what did you do that for?
Him: a girl
Me: you an Ozzie?
Him: Nah, Kiwi.
Dave was a motorcycle nut and had lived in Punto for 4 years. He operates the Paradise Hostel off Colo Colo street and said we should drop by. I set out to find some gloves (success) and got on the radio to see if my mates could hear me. They could as they were pulling into town as I walked out of a store.

We grabbed some lunch and went to find Paradise. It was a nice hostel with a great commune vibe. His guests seemed mostly long term and to be working around the area as white water raft guides, climbing guides and such. He offered us a cup of tea. He told us about his motorcycle exploits around the area, suggested routes. His obviously well used and abused DRZ 400 supermoto sat right in the courtyard. He pointed at a shed and offered us a place to work on our bikes. “I really want to get more motorcycle people to stay here”. Rooms start around $16/night.

We hung out for a few hours planning routes and laughing. He had opened up his house just to chat with some moto-folk. He is a great guy with a great attitude. It was time to go back to our hostel. Dave walked us out. He was still eyeballing my DRZ, checking out the mods and farkles. “When you find out it is not worth it to ship it back you can sell it to me cheap” Me: “Maybe. We’ll see. Hey, would you sign my gas tank (as Poodle and MissO have been doing, as a souvenir).
“Viva’ la Vive’ and keep the hammer down”, he wrote. Life is to live and keep going fast. Good advice.

Dave and his girl, Imaldena.

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