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Originally Posted by GotMojo? View Post
I've been following along myself, excellent stuff!

Did you discuss this already... I was curious how the hell you travel cross country and back with just that small bag on the back of the Ducati. I'm guessing you are also carrying a laptop and camera equipment. So whats the scoop, how do you cram everything in that single Kriega bag? Or do you also have a backpack or something we don't see in the pics?
With AH's blessing (and to avoid any potential thread-jacking accusations), here are some pics of how I pack my gear into the same bag. This is the setup we used for our recent 15 day, 3,000 mile trip. I'll note that (aside from the clothes) this stuff is not jammed into there like canned sardines. Everything is accessible and there's nothing there that we really don't need. We learned our lesson a long time ago. People tend to overpack when on a trip like this (AH has the right idea obviously). You wear your riding gear during the day, so all you really need is whatever you'll wear when you get to your destination (dinner, etc.). We also take into account that we'll be able to wash whatever little clothes we have at some of our destinations.
Anyway, I use eagle-creek packing cubes, which aside from making it a lot easier to pack and unpack, they also make it a lot easier to get everything in and out of the bag. Pretty important when your packing and unpacking almost every day. It basically lets you compress the stuff down before you get it in the bag and allows me to get all of this in there:
- 2 pants (jeans and hiking pants)
- 2 dress shirts
- Fleece pullover sweater
- Cotton gym shorts
- underwear
- socks
- belt
- 4 t-shirts (2 white, 2 black)
- 2 long-sleeved t-shirts
- Small air compressor
- Tire repair kit

This is everything that is packed into 2 small Eagle creek packing cubes:

The bag on the bike:

Jacket taken out of it's compression sack (visible (packed) in back-pack picture below)

I like to keep the backpack as slim as possible, and even then I have all this in there and still have room to spare):
- Pair of shoes (black Nike running shoes, double duty for day/night...even with dress shirts)
- jacket (in black compressed pouch in middle between shoes)
- tool roll (some tools and a tire repair/plug kit)
- Small ratchet/socket kit (pictured below)
- cable lock to lock the 2 bikes to each other at night (in small black Buell pouch)
- Towel and small spray bottle with auto quick detailer to clean visor.
- iPad
- Spare gloves (rain/cold weather)
- Backup hard drive
- a small pouch with all my charger cables, lens pen, etc

Backpack (Kriega R-20)

Small tool kit (which has become a go-to kit even at home. If you ever had to work in the tight spaces around this bike, you'd know what I mean):

Small compressor and SAE lighter plug and USB adapter (plugs into battery tender lead):

Here you can see that the backpack is pretty compact:

Tank bag: serves as a camera bag and contains[/U]:
- Digital SLR camera and a not-so-small (way-too-big) lens
- sunglasses
- rain cover
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