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The bikes a second hand, unknown history, 640 adv 2006 with 30-40,000 km. Computer was replaced so I dont know exactly how many miles are on it.

Yup, the pistons are next on the list. I have not pulled it yet as I'm not sure if I need a special tool to fit it back in (to compress the rings) or if the bottom of the "sleeve" is tappered as on ktm's RFS engines. Any idea?

As for the carb being fat. Could be. I pretty sure that I reset every thing to factory specs when I rebuilt it a few months back. But then, I have zero exp with caburators so I very well could have f'd it up. The float I know I gotta go back and double check it, as I was not 100% clear on how to set the height. Had the tool but no instructions on how to use it. :p
As for the choke, good guess. WhenI got it, it was pulling hard to the point where turning the handle all the way left would kill the engine.

Originally Posted by bmwktmbill View Post
Do you have the two setting ignition for low octane fuel?
Not sure what you mean by two settings. I know about the connector that toggles between premium and shit fuel. Is there more?

Originally Posted by bmwktmbill View Post
On a 40k trip you will need spares and tools and fresh suspension.

Like Gunner and Clint say, do the valve seals,cam followers and water pump.
As for spares and tools i'm getting there very nicely. I'm taking a full gasket set for the engine, 2 carb and 2 water pump rebuild kits, 10 sets of valve cover gaskets, metal oil filters in the event I can't source normal ones plus a set of normal filters, 3 air filters, 1 full set of bearings (cam, wheels) and more shit that I forget.

The water pump is already done, cam followers also, remains the valve seals.
As for the valve seals, I'm not sure how to go about removing them. Is this an easy job or requires special tools?

Originally Posted by bmwktmbill View Post
I hope you figure out a way to turn the pin in the decomp.
We all need that.
Thus I gather it's been attempted and failed... :(

Maybee I should start a pre-ride report just for the fun of keeping track of all the shit I've done to this thing to get it world ready. But then, it's been done already by others so I'll stick to
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