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Originally Posted by Wesman View Post
Just ordered one, thanks - were can you buy the alcohol they use? (methanol?) ..... or is it denatured alcohol you get at home depot?
Thanks Wes. You can either use the denatured alcohol you mentioned, or get methanol "dry gas" a.k.a "HEET". The Walmart brand is 98-cents for a 12-oz bottle. I like running the stove on methanol more than denatured alcohol as it has a cleaner flame that resembles natural gas. If you have a racing shop near you, you can get methanol for $3.50-$4.00 a gallon.

Hogasm: thanks for letting me know it arrived OK.

Here's a pic of my daughter at this year's US Nat'l Championships, where she shared the podium (3rd place) with an Olympian, and a US Senior Team member:
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