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Originally Posted by wizz View Post
Not sure if this was covered, but any plans for a waterproof version or ideas on making these water resistant?

Hey Wizz,

Yes eventually Right now the Colorado Pant is water resistant, but how well they work really depends on your needs, expectations and what your definition of water resistant is.

So a little background on waterproof clothing first........

There is a big difference between "waterproof" and "waterproof/breathable" (WB). Almost all MC apparel that is waterproof/ breathable is made using some kind of speciality coating or membrane on the back of a normal nylon fabric. This coating has small pores that allow air particles to escape, hence the "breathable", yet are small enough to keep water out.

The thing you need to really look at and weigh when choosing WB clothing is that almost all apparel on the market uses a lighter WB fabric then a comparable non-waterproof breathable garment, so the durability and crash protection, etc are decreased. (Some don't even use nylon, they are using a polyester shell which should be avoided at all costs for MC use.) For example the vast majority, if not all, WB garments are made out of 500d nylon, where as the non waterproof versions are using 840d or 1Kd nylon. It is something to keep in mind when shopping around and if it is going to be abused routinely it may be better to look at a non water proof product and getting a little wet from time to time. If you dont plan on hitting the ground much it wont matter though

Having that in mind I said the Colorado Pant was water resistant, so let me explain why that is.

Just about any nylon fabric comes with something called a Durable Water Repellant Finish (DWR) on the back of the fabric. This is a polyurethane coating that is applied to the fabric at the mill, the primary purpose being that it makes the fabric very resistant to unraveling from tears, cuts etc, thus the name durable. However it also has a convenient side effect of making the fabric basically water proof. For all reasonable purposes any fabric with a DWR coating is waterproof, however do not confuse it with being brethable, it is basically air tight also, if it were not for the natural minuet air flow created by the sewing process.

Any garment that is made of all nylon with a DWR coating is waterproof, but it becomes water resistant when you sew the pieces together and the water actually leaks in from the needle holes. This is why truly waterproof gear uses "taped" seams to ensure all the holes from sewing are covered. This additional step in the manufacturing process also contributes to the higher cost for WB gear.

In a long winded story the short answer to your question is this equates to the Colorado Pant being water resistant because it uses a shell made of 100% DWR 840 and 1680 nylon, there are no stretch panels, no mesh panels, or anything else that will let the water in besides the sewing holes. As a result the Colorado Pants can get much more water on them before they leak compared to other pants on the market, but I cannot give any kind of quantitative statement as to how long you can stay dry

In full disclosure and based on lost of miles in the pants, the majority of your body will stay dry for quite awhile, but the first thing to get wet will be your crotch. This is because of the all the seams and needle holes in the crotch area and the fact water tends to pool there naturally.

Sorry that was not a direct answer, but hopefully if gives you enough information to have an educated idea of what the pants will do and why I say they are water resistant.

Let me know if that was totally confusing, or you have any other questions, always more than happy to help.


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