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Ok Oct 30th Phonsavan. A trip to the plain of jars site 1 & 2 and along the way we found Tad Long falls so a side trip
The ride out of town was easy, less traffic here than say Luang Prabang or Vietiane but always something to look at, we'll start with the view from the fire escape at the hotel (only the best)

and always love the scaffolding here, this was 4 stories up

Then I noticed these out the front, they come with all the racks you could need its a shame it's only a 125

the country side was beautiful when we got off the main road

And first up site 2, stay between the lines

david is 6" 4 to give perspective

where as I'm only a short arse

we moved on to Tad Long falls
The road to the falls was just a quite village lane and very picturesque

and we came to a river crossing

the falls were good after a short walk down a track

Loacals on the way back and then a host of small back roads on the way site 1

Site 1 had a few more jars

old trench line over looking air port

and a cave at site 1

Shit was it hot out in the sun, we were clad to get back to town
A late lunch was had at Craters

and dinner was had at a place called Bamboozaled owned by a nice bloke from the Shetlands if I remember who married a local girl after working on a farm project for 2 years

And a vid of the days activities

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