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Originally Posted by lhendrik View Post
This rant was very disappointing. I may start a rant thread about how weak it was.

A quality rant has lots of swear words strung together in interesting ways. And it involves suggestions of actions by the rantee that are physically impossible, or nearly so. It can involve farm animals, or domestic ones for that matter, but that is not a requirement. And a really good one will likely get booted from LDT

But on a serious note - one trend we've seen over the years is that especially outside the U.S. borders, Garmin units are more expensive, and the distribution organization is a lot smaller, resulting in higher prices, and fewer discounts.

And while the auto units, like the Nuvi's, are produced in great quantities, the moto units are not, which further limits finding discounts.

As for buying a Montana, not something I would recommend. But then again, I am a Luddite. And they will remove my 60csx and 376c from their respective mounts when they no longer function, or I'm no longer riding.

And you want to talk expensive? The 376c was well over $1,000 by the time I added map data, and that was 2006!

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