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Originally Posted by davidb21 View Post
So my buddy dropped off his 2012 ktm 690 to three brothers ktm dealership in costa mesa/newport about a week ago for an oil change and new tires ( told him to do that himself, id help for free if he needed, but i guess the stealership set him straight haha) friend supplied the oil and filters needed for his bike (2 quarts of motorex and the 2 filters needed for the oil change) so he paid for the tires/time to get those on and time for the oil change

He picks up the bike today, gets home, and notices that yes he has some new tires, but his oil is completely black...we started the bike and let it idle, trned it off and let it settle,tipped it as far as possible on both sides giving the dealer the benefit of the doubt that maybe some oil that didnt get out made the window seem darker than it was...but no the oil is as black as can be and obviously wasnt changed.

He called the dealer, they said it was impossible that it wasnt changed and offered to do nothing about it...hes going in tomorrow morning and i'll update accordingly.

This whole thing just makes my head spin, i get better treatment and service at my local yamaha dealerships...i thought when you buy expensive european the customer service was supposy to increase likewise

KTM is Austrian, but you're right, the shop in Costa Mesa is run by idiots.
Your friend should have listened to you and changed the oil himself, and buying tires and having them mounted can be done by any shop, it does not need to be a KTM shop.
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