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These two clips have the bad boy of the Dakar, Robby Gordon in action and he is back in the Dakar this year. Talk about a competitor, clearly his American Built V8 Hummer was superior to everything else. He stopped to help his teammate in two stages, flipped end over end in one and then made a bad decision on a full trailside repair of a bad hub that cost him too much time.

This is clip is just like the bully on the beach that kicks sand in the face of the opponent. I think Peterhansel the frenchman who eventually won was so pissed that is why he went to the french authorities and complained that Robby was ‘too fast’. Take that you little Mini Cooper driving b*i&$th !!! “Minis are for girls” He He

so they inspected his truck and disqualified him for a technicality and he drove under protest so he was allowed to continue and the next day he kicked everyones tail and after crossing the finish line for the stage, went up to the french team and told them to kiss his *&X!!

Here is his previous years truck. Navigator didn’t do his job so he missed the turn, flips over and lands on his wheels. Gets out, checks out the truck and drives off like nothing ever happened. Listen to that V8 800HP. Rolling didn’t even damage it.

What you really need to do is see the clips of him barreling straight down Iquique, largest sand dune in the world. They say he was about 135MPH at this point and Johnny Campbell, his codriver and like 11 time winner of the Baja 1000 said it was the most terrifying thing he has ever done:

How can you not love the guy?>?>
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