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Originally Posted by rudyunknown View Post
read the pdf from the website...didnt get the answers to these question..

IF I ride this event, it will be my first official is it for newbies

if i ride the 690, can i still be in a slower group of the adv riders? or maybe at the end of the fast pack, so that i dont get run over

Cars, how many motorcycle have been run over by them....i mean i will be scared to see a 60mph rally car in my rear view...are the roads wide enough?? or are the motorcycles faster?

My experince with sand has been Pine Barrens....did 2-3 PB300 in the last few years.

Support vehicle, why do we need one? i mean this event is for one day (right) are there chances of break down...i have a new well maintained 690....other than tires what else i need to be aware of?
The course is cleared after the last motorcycle to make sure no bikes get run over It's not like Dakar or an endurance rally or even like Baja, so probably the safest possible first moto rally you could enter in those regards.

As far as support goes, you need a base camp at the designated service parking lot and you'll have to have a "service vehicle" registered in order to even park it let alone have someone leap frog the route if you want big pimp'n support (not typical in RallyMoto) Chances are if you have a mechanical or even a flat it can be a rally ender and you'll be riding for fun after that if you manage to fix in a timely manner. If it can't be tie wrapped or duct taped in minutes you'll miss your checks and face a downward spiral competitively speaking, but you can still enjoy the ride!
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